The King Of Spin

So here we are again - time for another check on the media. And guess who it involves! That's right, friend of the site Darren Lewis! Today in a piece in The Mirror he tells us that Laurent Robert has launched a frightful blast at his team-mates and manager, and proceeds to give us the shocking interview. Which, it turns out, isn't actually very shocking at all, but with a bit of chopping here and there and adding the odd editorial "insight", it can very quickly be made to make it sound mediumly subversive. So let's see how difficult it is to take the same interview and make it positive, shall we?

Laurent Robert revealed today how he was more keen than ever to help Portsmouth pull themselves up the Premiership table and that the players admitted they had to take some responsibility for last weekend's home defeat to Wigan, thus alleviating some of the pressure on under fire manager Alain Perrin. "We played only the long ball. I don't know why", admitted Robert. "The manager told us to play football, not long ball".

Robert even admitted that his own reputation was unfairly shadowing the team, as proved by the 4-1 victory over Sunderland and the media's choice to concentrate on his own absence through injury, rather than the result itself. "Sometimes it's difficult being here because some people think now I've come here the team will win every week", admitted the Frenchman, ""But it's not like that. You have 11 players on the pitch and they have to play together". He even joked over the abilities of the team, saying "You put Thierry Henry or David Trezeguet into this team and it would be difficult for them as well" - well, they might score a couple anyway!

He also admitted that he has been stung by recent criticism from the fans who jeered his arrival as a second half substitute on Saturday, but seems keen to get back to work with his Portsmouth team-mates and continue as a better unit; "We must work hard every week. Every player. Together. We need to fight and try to score". Words that, if said by Gary O'Neil or Matt Taylor, would probably be met with universal applause, but will no doubt be taken out of context by some devious gutter rag journalist, as if they would.

And what of the next few games, a difficult run including Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea? According to Laurent it's no different from the likes of Wigan. "No game in the Premiership is easy" - a good point and well made. Hopefully now Laurent - and the rest of the players - can do their talking on the pitch. Since pretty much the turn of the year there's been a lot said in interviews about how it's time to turn the corner and play better, so let's hope we can.

See, not that difficult to turn things round is it?