Storrie Formally Charged With Tax Evasion

Peter Storrie has formally been charged with tax evasion and will appear at City of Westminister Magistrates' Court on Monday 16th of November.

The charges relate to alleged unpaid tax and national insurance relating to Amdy Faye's £250,000 signing on fee from Auxerre to Portsmouth in the summer of 2003. The offence was supposedly committed between 1st of July 2003 and 12th of August 2005.

Storrie has maintained his innocence ever since the news of the charges first came to light as he claims he was on his honeymoon during the time of the transaction and Portsmouth's official website has again released a statement backing Storrie and claiming that the HMRC's actions are "seriously flawed".

The statement also reads that "Urgent steps will be taken to highlight the lack of evidence by HMRC in an effort to conclude as quickly as possible this unwarranted prosecution."

I believe Peter is innocent until proven guilty and I hope this issue can be put to bed ASAP. However, if he is found guilty then that verdict would surely end any association he has with Portsmouth FC and then we could really be in trouble.

And after all that has happened already this season, that could be the telling blow to our survival hopes both on and off the pitch.