Sol Sues Pompey

Last updated : 20 January 2010 By Jim Bonner
Portsmouth FC have confirmed that Sol Campbell has issued a writ through his lawyers for £1.7 million he is owed due to bonuses and image rights.

A club spokesman has said: "The matter is being dealt with by our lawyers."

This week was supposed to be a "great week" for Pompey fans according to Mark Jacob but so far this has been one of the worst weeks of the season, with this lawsuit added to the High Court's decision to throw out Pompey's appeal against the HMRC.

It seems to me that Sol has issued this writ now because he fears that Pompey could go into administration (or worse) and therefore he won't get nearly as much as the £1.7 million he claims he is owed.

I'd have had no problem with him claiming what he thinks he is owed if Pompey weren't in financial difficulty. I wouldn't have even had a problem with the timing of this writ if Sol was strapped for cash or just a regular member of the Pompey staff.

But given the fact that he was on (reportedly) £100,000 a week when playing for Pompey, did he really need to deliver this swift kick in the balls to this frail figure of a man that is Portsmouth FC, a man who is already writhing in pain on the floor after already being "done over" by some heavies for not paying his debts?

Again, I question the negotiation skills of Peter Storrie. Why on earth would you include payments for "image rights" in a contract for a player who never really had an image to promote to begin with? It's not as if he is David Beckham, is it!?

I now wonder if Campbell isn't the only player who is owed money for bonuses or "image rights", and others will come crawling out of the woodwork by demanding money that the club simply haven't got.

In other news, Peter Storrie appeared in court today to face his tax evasion charges. The case was adjourned and Storrie will return on Thursday, April 15th where he will make a plea.

Can this week get any worse?