Silence Isn't Golden

Last updated : 27 May 2011 By Jim Bonner

I suppose we should have expected this.

There were murmurings last week that us Pompey fans should have some positive news regarding the takeover deal and/or some transfer news. Alas, we have heard absolutely nothing in what has been a dead quiet week in terms of noteworthy news.

This summer is beginning to become exactly like last year's end-of-season frustration which was much like the farcical Al-Fahim situation of two years ago.

As the protracted takeover saga continues, Steve Cotterill has stated today that he has missed out on a transfer target (most likely Gareth McAuley who has moved to West Brom from Ipswich) due to not being able to sign anyone because of the club's current situation.

Normally I wouldn't worry about Pompey missing out on players as it happens to every club and its early in the season. However, with only nine players at his disposal (including Ben-Haim who "wants to play" for us but can't - believe that if you really want...) it really is vital that we sign at least enough players to field a team for our first pre-season friendly!

If CSI are serious about taking control of the club then they need to stop wasting time and push things through before the manager loses out on more players he has targeted or worse, walks out on the club in frustration.

Of course, this delay may not be CSI's fault as it has been widely reported in the past that some of the people still associated with Portsmouth Football Club are extremely difficult to negotiate with due to late demands that prospective buyers baulk at.

But as always, its the fans that suffer most. We've had to sit through two summers of uncertainty as key players leave for pastures new as the rumour mill continues to churn seeds of false hope that some people have being willing to accept in the past.

But we're simply not that gullible anymore.

The actions of the last two years have bred a cynicism amongst Pompey fans who are simply sick and tired of following these constant boring takeover sagas that never seem to end until its too late for the manager to do anything.

This is why Steve Cotterill should be praised for the job he did last year. We may have finished 16th and played some turgid football along the way but he has kept a sinking ship afloat despite all the shenanigans going on in the background.

But for him, and us as well, it seems like this pre-season is going to be just the same as the last two and that doesn't fill me with hope.

So don't go expecting any significant takeover news until July at the earliest and by then it might well be too late.