Sheri: theres still international life in me yet

Last updated : 24 October 2003 By Alex Dale
Sheri, who has been capped 51 times for England whilst playing for Tottenham and Man Utd, last played for England in the 2002 World Cup, but even at the age of 37 sees no reason why he should retire.

He compared his career to that of Alan Shearer, who retired for the scene three years ago, noting his lack of serious injuries.

"It is all ifs and buts and you never know in football what might happen," said Sheringham, "but, no, I haven't said I've retired from international football because I just haven't.

"Alan decided to do that because he played a lot of tough games for England in five or six years and was always involved whereas I wasn't.

"He's had injuries which I haven't had and he wanted to make as sure as he could of playing in the Premiership as long as possible. The main thing for both of us is that we are still both doing that.

"At international level, it was the best partnership I've been in. Our games just seemed to complement each other. He didn't get in my space and I didn't get in his and I think that is very good basis for a pairing."