Riise Returns To Fulham

Bjorn-Helge Riise has, unsurprisingly, returned to Fulham after Guy Whittingham confirmed that his loan period would not be extended.

The Norwegian only made two appearances for Pompey during his short stay at the club and wasn't particularly impressive in either of those games. He was dropped to the bench before long and so it's no big news to see him go back to Craven Cottage.

The big news is still yet to come. It has been almost a month now and Portsmouth FC still hasn't got a permanent manager in charge.

We're all expecting Michael Appleton to be announced as the new manager (and there will be a fairly big article on this site if or when he finally does) but this manager "search" has become beyond frustrating now, even for the most patient Pompey supporters.

It makes you wonder if there is yet another twist to come in this saga. If Appleton was the man CSI wanted, why has it taken so long to appoint him? Surely compensation would have been agreed with West Brom by now? It certainly didn't take long for Forest to cough up for Cotterill, did it?

At least there is no match on Saturday and so there should be plenty of time for the new man to bed in. Still, it wouldn't surprise me if Stuart Gray and Guy Whittingham were in charge by the time the Watford match arrives...