Return of the Redknapp?

In our continous search for a new manager there is always a subject that keeps re-appearing in discussion. Harry Redknapp. Alright, Neil Warnock still remains favourite for the job after Sheffield United granted Mandaric permission to speak to him but Mandaric was also quoted to have two other candidates lined up for the job and although Rupert Lowe has denied any Portsmouth contact with him would it really suprise you if Redknapp had been in contact in one form or another?

Now I've spoken to Pompey fans about the possible (if unlikely) return of Redknapp and they seem to fall into two categories which for the sake of this article will be named "Hero" and "Judas". Some fans say he'd be the hero to save us from relegation, others say he's a Judas and should never set foot in Portsmouth ever again. So what do these categories entail? Well let's have a look..


- He led us to the Divison One Championship giving us our first ever Premiership season.

- He kept us in the Premiership the following season, having us play attractive football, especially at home featuring great results like beating Manchester United twice.

- He brought in a lot of quality players to the club such as Paul Merson, Toddy, Yakubu, Vincent Pericard, Teddy Sheringham, Patrik Berger, Arjan de Zeeuw and Lomana Lua Lua.

- He took over at Southampton, brought them back to Fratton Park where they consequently got pasted and then relegated soon after.

- He took Nigel Quashie and Ricardo Fuller from us.

- He sold Peter Crouch for a ridiculous amount of money....

- Twice.


- He left us to join our most bitter rivals despite saying he'd "never go down the road" and that he "needed a break from football".

- He then constantly insulted Milan and our fans in the media calling us "Stupid" for taking the rivalry "too far". He also believed he was exempt from all criticism because he "saved" us from constant struggles in Divison One. Single-handedly.

- Brought in some dross to the club during his tenure with us. Who remembers such terrific signings such as Sebastien Schemmel, Boris Zivkovic and Sebastian Olzar?

- Away form was consistantly awful in the Premiership.

- Basically turned into a Scummer.. an unforgivable crime?

So which category of fan do you fit into regarding Mr. Redknapp? Personally... I'm in between!