Quashiegate Part II

Last updated : 14 January 2005 By Keith Allman
Nigel Quashie has accused Milan Mandaric of trying to force him out of Fratton Park in the continued row about his transfer to Southampton.

The former Forest and QPR man said, "Why would I want to leave a club where I have spent four years trying to turn around the fans just to go and throw it all down the drain. I am happy here and want to stay but if the club think it in their interests to sell me then so be it."

Apparently Quashie is unhappy that his wage still remains on £8,000 a week, as was decided when he signed his last contract before we were even promoted. Whilst I can appreciate that he deserves a pay rise - especially considering the likes of Berkovic and Yakubu are earning over double that - the manner in which he has gone about trying to obtain more cash is pretty pathetic. Velimir Zajec had already announced that new contracts - including Patrik Berger, Shaka Hislop and Steve Stone - would be negotiated in March, when our position for next season was more clear.

Talking to Harry Redknapp to see what cash he could be offered, then coming back to Fratton and asking for the same, seems like a pretty poor show.

The other issue that I have to question is his claim he is being "forced out". I can't see why we'd want to sell him - Milan knows he's popular, Milan has made clear he doesn't want to sell any player to Southampton, and Velimir has played Quashie whenever he's fit. The only issue that leaves is perhaps the need to raise money to fund new signings, but then again, we were set to sign £4m on Carrick in the summer without selling anyone, so surely that can't be the problem either.

Someone somewhere is telling porkies.