Pompey vs Chelsea Preview

Tommorow managerless Pompey will face the almost impossible task of matching Chelsea. You want some proof? Here's a few comparisons:


Position: 17th
Points: 10
Goals Scored: 11
Goals Conceded: 18
Goal Difference: -7
Recognised Star Players: Laurent Robert, Lomana LuaLua


Position: 1st
Points: 34
Goals Scored: 31
Goals Conceded: 7
Goal Difference: +24
Recognised Star Players: Petr Cech, Asier Del Horno, John Terry, William Gallas, Paulo Ferreira, Michael Essien, Claude Makelele, Frank Lampard, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Joe Cole, Damien Duff, Arjen Robben, Hernan Crespo, Didier Drogba

So how the hell is a team that have not won at home all season going to stop the rampant machine that is Chelsea FC?

Well having Joe Jordan in charge of us might help as he is bound to drill into the players he wants 110% effort and commitment, to get stuck in and to give Chelsea no space whatsoever. Joe has already mentioned that he will be making changes to the team so I'm expecting 4-4-2 with LuaLua and Dario Silva playing up front. Most Pompey fans I know have been wanting to see 4-4-2 at home all season and that's what I believe we're going to get.

Though keeping Chelsea's world class squad contained will be extremely difficult our task is made slightly easier as "Brick Wall" Claude Makelele won't be playing. As well as keeping Chelsea frustrated I believe we need to follow Wigans example of what they did in their match at the start of the season and that is whenever the ball is in their half just keep attacking and you never know.

I have a short interview with Chelsea fan Toyah as we see this match from the oppositions perspective:

Jim: So.. you're playing the mighty Pompey on Saturday. Scared?

Toyah: Errm.. no not really, every match is unpredictable but we should win quite comfortably.

Jim: But we've just lost our tactically inept manager. So that gives us a chance!

Toyah: That's true, usually a team performs better when something has rocked the boat, so to speak. But I still don't think that'll be enough for Pompey to salvage anything from the game.

Jim: Do you think Jose Mourinho would quit Chelsea to join us?

Toyah: Only if you offered him a pretty Matalan coat!

Jim: Chelsea have just signed Azar Karadas. What is your reaction?

Toyah: Who? Why? When?

Jim: Never mind. I know you've been a Chelsea fan for a long time. How do you feel about the Chelsea "fans" that have just jumped on the Roman bandwagon?

Toyah: It doesn't bother me too much as I don't associate with them. I've been to the Bridge many times and have met genuine life-long supporters. It does get to me however when you get idiots claiming to have supported Chelsea for x amount of years when they know nothing about our club or our history. But you get that with bandwagon jumpers, Liverpool and United had them and now it's our turn.

Jim: So do you think you've got the league won already then?

Toyah: No not at all. We started off extremely well but it's always going to be hard to maintain that. Dropping points against Everton and Man United was unexpected but I feel that will make us stronger and more determined. United and Arsenal are winning their games now and Wigan are also going very well so it won't be easy.

Jim: OK finally a prediction for tommorow?

Toyah: I think we'll end up 0-3 winners, Lampard, Duff and Crespo on the scoresheet... sorry!

Jim: Thanks Toyah!

*Interview ends*

Now I'm not stupid, I know the size of the task tommorow and in all honesty if we are defeated I will not be at all suprised. However I'll keep believing that we'll get something out of this and under Joe Jordan we certainly won't go down without a fight!