Pompey On The Brink Of Liquidation

Andrew Andronikou has stated that "it appears likely" that Portsmouth Football Club will be liquidated after former owner Alexandre Gaydamak demanded a "significant" payment up front to allow the club to exit administration.

This revelation has stunned Pompey fans as Gaydamak's demands has now led to the administrators' claim that Pompey could not continue to trade whilst it was in administration and would therefore have to begin liquidating the club.

However, Sacha Gaydamak says that it was a change of terms in the deal that has forced him to demand what Andronikou calls a "ransom payment".

Andronikou has said tonight that he is hopeful that an agreement with Gaydamak can be reached within the next 24 hours and that he was still "optimistic" that the club could be saved, with a decision to be made early next week.

The official statement on the Portsmouth FC website has launched an attack on Gaydamak, saying that he has shown a "complete disregard to the supporters" and "has moved the goalposts" with his demands that simply can't be met.

It seems that the club's future now entirely lies in the hands of Alexandre Gaydamak. If the administrators cannot reach a compromise with the former owner then it seems like that Portsmouth FC will cease to exist.

Obviously, this news has shocked every Pompey fan as the statement seems like a death knell, but looking closer at the situation it seems like Andronikou has been canny with his "premature" statement has he calls it.

By releasing it into the general public in an attempt to rally public support against Gaydamak and pressure him into "doing the right thing." I wouldn't put it past Andronikou to do such a thing but it seems like he is going to be an extremely busy man this weekend.

This revelation means there is a possibility that this Saturday's match at Hull may be Pompey's last. That information is simply too difficult to digest.