Pompey Hit With Transfer Ban

As if being bottom of the league with an owner who seemingly doesn't have much money and a C.E.O who has been charged with tax evasion isn't enough, it has now emerged that the Premier League has slapped a transfer embargo on Pompey.

Because Pompey haven't paid outstanding fees reportedly relating to the transfers of Lassana Diarra and Glen Johnson from Arsenal and Chelsea respectively, the Premier League has stepped in and banned Portsmouth from buying any more players until all outstanding fees have been paid.

Peter Storrie doesn't seem too worried about the situation and says it should be "sorted out" and that it is just a "technicality". The problem should be solved by the end of the week according to Gary Bouble but after such a positive result last night this news will simply be another kick in the teeth for our suffering fans.

More questions are going to be asked about Pompey's financial situation after this latest revelation. Do we have the money to pay what we owe to the other clubs or are we trying to take advantage of their agreement with Storrie to defer the payments by using what money we have to plan some January spending?

The only positives to take from this latest setback are that if the problem isn't sorted out by the end of the week, Storrie has until January to fix the situation and that this stopped Pompey signing Eugen Bopp!

This whole situation has come about after the ex-Crewe midfielder was going to be registered as a Portsmouth player as cover for the Carling Cup match yesterday but the Premier League stopped this from happening and won't lift the ban until all debts are settled.

I'm hopeful that this gets sorted out by the end of the week so we can concentrate on the must-win game with Wigan on Saturday. Like most, I'm getting tired by all the goings on off the pitch but I've also become used to all the bad news coming Pompey's way since this season has begun.

I wonder what's next? Fratton Park to be invaded by sheep?