Pompey Ask Premier League To Sell Players

Just when there was a little tiny bit of optimism around Portsmouth Football Club, the news that Pompey have asked the Premier League to sell players outside of the transfer window to raise more cash has completely ruined everything.

I thought it was a joke at first, and that things could possibly never be this terrible. But Pompey's press officer confirmed that the news was true and that a reported £4 million has to be raised by the end of the month to pay the bills for February.

This news confirms that the club are still potless and that Peter Storrie has been telling us nothing but lies in the last few days. There is no new owner on the horizon and this plea to the Premier League is one last desperate throw of the dice to try and stave off the inevitable.

It's said that Pompey tried to sell Nadir Belhadj, Kevin-Prince Boateng and Marc Wilson whilst the window was open but couldn't find a buyer and so are now desperately trying to desperately persuade the Premier League to bend the rules for them.

The transfer window is actually something the Premier League can't control because it is a FIFA regulation and you can almost guarantee that they won't grant this. From their point of view why would they grant the club special circumstances because of the owners' financial mismanagement?

Even if Pompey's request was granted, any players sold would not be able to play for a new club so why the hell would the likes of Boateng or Belhadj want to move when the World Cup is around the corner and they need to play regularly?

It's so soul destroying to know that at it's looking likely that Portsmouth Football Club will become extinct now. At best, administration will come and any hopes of staying in the Premier League, retaining the services of Avram Grant and any players of any value will be gone by the time May arrives.

The reputation of the club is in ruins because of Gaydamak, Al-Fahim and Al-Faraj and those are just three people who can accept blame for creating the cancer that is going to claim our club.

Unless there is a miracle cure and someone comes out of the blue and buys Pompey now, then we're finished and there will be no more Portsmouth Football Club.