Play-Off Posse

It's a crucial week for nations around the globe as the World Cup Qualifiers reach the finger-nail scoffing Playoff stage. Thankfully England have been spared any such drama and instead just get to indulge in fantastic beatings of Argentina, and meanwhile the majority of Pompey players get the weekend off.

But not all!

There are some brave souls out there sticking their necks on the line. As always, Fratton Faithful tells you who and how they got on.

Dario Silva - I felt a bit sorry for him after his last international adventure when he flew half way across the world only to not even get off the bench. Personally I'd be a little bit tempted to tell the manager to stick it where the sun doesn't shine if I got another call-up and then found out I was on the bench AGAIN, despite Forlan starting whilst still nursing an injury. Luckily for our Dario it didn't last; the ex-Manchester United striker had to come off after quarter of an hour, leaving Silva to pillage the Australian backline. He picked up a booking as his team came away with a 1-0 first leg lead.

Gary O'Neil - Due to an injury Gazza was unable to take up his normal position as captain for the England U21s. They too are involved in a play-off scenario, and their opponents on Friday evening were France. A less than polished performance ensued but with a 1-1 draw there's still hope that it'll all come together in the second leg.

Svetoslav Todorov - It's not really surprising he's been called up by Bulgaria despite not playing much recently; after all, they did once request his presence when he was once still completely ruled out with his cruciate ligament injury. Weirdos. Still it was a successful day out today as he grabbed a couple of goals, leading to the inevitable "Perrin should play him, Perrin's a liar when he says he isn't fit, he should start at Anfield" type comments. I would argue that coming on in the second half and scoring against mighty Georgia when your team is already 4-0 up (and would eventually win 6-2) is slightly different from being chucked into the hurly burly at Anfield. Still, nice to see him getting his first goals in a couple of years and even better that one was a penalty - after Gillingham, I thought he'd forgotten how to take them.

A few ex-blues where out and about on their travels today too; Peter Crouch, Nigel Quashie, Diomansy Kamara, John Aloisi and Shaka Hislop to name a few.