Peace in our time

I always had my fingers crossed that, once everyone sat down and had a nice friendly chat about what they had in mind, this whole thing would blow over. And so it seems, that's exactly what happened.

Meeting at the Café Uno in Port Solent, Mandaric was quoted after as saying, "It's been exhausting for both of us. We have talked and are exhausted by it. I know Harry feels the same way as I do. We're both stressed by it. But I like the guy and we get on well. In my heart I love Harry Redknapp. We do respect and like each other. There is no problem between us."

Harry, meanwhile, stopped short of declaring his love for Milan, but was equally positive in The News. "I accept what Milan says about the structure of the club. If you want to do that you've got to build an academy and everything else, and find the players somewhere to train like Southampton have done. It takes years to do. It's a big investment. But that's the way forward for every football club. I accept that."

And, so the story goes, they then shared a handshake a big hug outside. Bless 'em!