Last updated : 27 January 2005 By Keith Allman
This month has been slightly traumatic for us lot, granted, and a bit different from what we've been used to. Under Harry, "transfer window" meant at least ten players coming in, and at the very most a couple going out on loan. Ok, so times change. Velimir plays a different type of football and needs to get in the type of players he feels will adjust to his system most readily. So be it - he's the boss, and he's got to work with them.

But let's recap those who have left - Amdy Faye was always going to leave, his agent would see to that. Quashie was a bit of a surprise but the price was too good to turn down. Unsworth has left on loan and, with Stefanovic and Taylor available as left back options currently, coupled with Rhino's own poor form and obvious weight gain, that's no big deal. What makes me laugh is the amount of fans who are now suddenly crying out from the rooftops about these three players getting ditched - these three have been perennial boo-boys all season! Still, I guess it's more the fear of not having any replacements in. Yet.

Transfer window, yesterday
I use "yet" because it's such a massive word. Not literally of course, it's only three letters, but it makes a huge difference. If by the time we face Middlesbrough we have the squad as now, then I will happily join in with the concerns over our direction. Having said that, I do still reckon with our current team we could just about get through the season and stay in this league, although it's not really the sort of existence we want. But the point is that the transfer window has not yet closed. There's still time left to bring in the new recruits.

What seems to be the problem is with the lack of knowledge. Once again, going back to the Redknapp days, every deal was in the press before it happened. Harry was constantly mouthing off so we knew where we stood - trouble was, it failed us with the likes of Diop, Thatcher and Bent. With Velimir, we just don't know. And not hearing anything is easily misconstrued as inactivity, presuming that we haven't got a plan, we don't know where we're looking, and we're just making things up as we go along. For all we know we've been talking to players since the beginning of the window - the fact is we just don't know, and we're relying on toss rags like The Sun to randomly pick names out of thin air for us.

It's times like this we need to put all our faith behind the club. We've got to have confidence and belief in Milan and Velimir that they are targetting the right people for our club, and that they will be here in time for the end of the window. It doesn't matter if they're not here by Southampton, but by the time the league campaign comes back around. Sure, if by then we've still not signed a soul, THEN consider it time to moan. But in the meantime, what more can we do than do what our name "supporters" suggest - and support?