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Some of you who have a slight dislike of Fratton Faithful will have just had your reasons reconfirmed to you by reading our teaser, some of you may also hate the site more when we state that we don't need to run stories that say 'Internet reports state' or 'specualtion is rife that' because we deal in the facts and the fact that Shaun Derry is leaving has been on this site for weeks.

This time it is The News that has run the story, stating that Redknapp has lined up the club skipper for a swap deal with Leicester's Andy Impey. Shaun Derry has told the paper that it is time he 'tried his luck elsewhere'. This comes a day after the official site followed its time honoured tradition of denying stories that it hasn't got first. Shaun Derry has completely contradicted the club's official statement and this situation has once again damaged the credibility of the official site: "However, Pompey deny that this specific deal is on the cards, as they have no interest in the Leicester City player or a swap deal. No direct contact has been made by, or with, Leicester City, though all breaking news, as always, will be first reported on your official website – "

It would be the perfect move for Derry who grew up in Nottingham has Leicester would be a move back to his Midland's roots - it would also be a perfect signing for the club who see the combative midfielder as the answer to their promotion worries - Leicester need a talented 'hard man' to lead their charge back into the Premiership and their is no doubt an in form Derry is the perfect man to do this. It is just a shame that Derry and the club have fallen out because he could of been a key player for us next season - the club are now lacking a defensive and attacking central midfielder. It seems Redknapp will have to be busy this summer...