New Message Board!

Last updated : 03 March 2002 By
Fratton Faithful's new message board can be found by clicking on exactly the same links as the last board, the new board will be quicker, more user friendly and far more integrated into the whole look of Fratton Faithful.

You have to register to use the board and from here onwards it's fairly self explanatory. There's likely to be a few teething problems but stick with it. You have a choice of views - to stick with the classic Faithful look, click on 'topic' in the top right hand corner. To make your transition from rivals easier, you can click on 'thread' to have a different look. Looks can be changed whenever you want but you will only need to click once for a certain look - your computer will save the one you prefer and automatically open it up.

Unfortuantly the messages couldn't be transfered across so I've copied the last few threads to make sure there a few talking points but with this being Pompey that shouldn't be too difficult!

Any problems email me at

happy posting.