Johnson Bid Received

Last updated : 14 June 2009 By Jim Bonner
Peter Storrie has admitted that Portsmouth have received a bid "not a million miles away" from £15 million to £18 million and that a deal is likely to be concluded in the next few days.

He admitted that the club wouldn't stand in Glen's way if a club in the Champions League came in for him so that would probably mean he isn't going to Manchester City despite their interest.

Realistically it looks like he is either going back to Chelsea or he's off to Anfield to play for Liverpool. However, I wouldn't rule out a bid from Manchester United given that they now have an extra £80 million to spend on players.

Of course, I'm naturally disappointed that we're set to lose our best player but I don't begrudge him a move to a Champions League club.

I'll wish him all the best when he eventually moves because he has given everything for us and has not once complained about the state of the club last season or hasn't demanded a move either.

Peter Storrie has had a very busy week having denied media reports that Thaiskin Shinawatra is involved in the Pompey takeover bid as well as revealing that Portsmouth are to bid to become a host city for the World Cup in 2018 if England can win the big to become the host nation.