Harrygate II - it's all over

Last updated : 16 November 2004 By Keith Allman
Let's recap, shall we. Earlier in the week, when talk of this Croatian guy was first mentioned, Harry was rather clear on his thoughts. "No chance", was one particular phrase. "I'll never know Mr Zajec and he'll never know me", was another choice comment. "Either I'm in charge or I'm not here" was also another well documented outburst.

And yet, who has just been appointed to the board? Go on - can you guess? That's right - Velimir Zajec!

I don't often like to blow my own trumpet - normally I don't get the bloody chance, for a start - but I'd said on this site a couple of days ago the whole thing was about communication, clarifying who does what, and removing the dreaded "Director of Football" tag. And what's happened? WHAT'S HAPPENED? Well, let's let Harry explain - "I’ve been assured he will not cut across my job in any shape or form. No player will come in without my approval. I’ve spent two days chatting with the chairman and he’s assured me that I’m completely in charge of my own job."

So in fact, after sitting down, clarifying who does what, and removing the dreaded "Director of Football" tag - Zajec joins as "Executive Director" - they managed to sort it out. Fantastic! Now let's just hope that we can return to normality, concentrate with events back on the pitch, and look to improve the long-term prospects of the club.

Welcome to Fratton Park, Mr Zajec - it hasn't been the easiest start for you, what with your appointment nearly blowing the club apart and whatnot. But that's just the perfect introduction you need into the soap opera that is Pompey these days.