Greece lightning

Last updated : 25 January 2005 By Keith Allman
Milan has spoken out over the possibility of new players being brought in before the weekend. "I can promise our supporters that we will announce the name of three proven players before the week is out" he said, adding, "There is a real possibility that some may feature on Saturday but their signings will make us a stronger side going out of January than when we came into the month."

So who are these mystery men?

First and foremost, it is still likely a deal for Dmitri Bulykin will be tied up in the next few days, talks still hanging around from the weekend. Meanwhile, Kostas Katsouranis - a midfielder from AEK, Konstantinos Chalkias - a keeper from Panathinaikos, and Yorgos Alexopoulus - a defensive midfielder from Egaleo, are all set to sign too for a combined total of around £2.5m. So much for this "player exodus" that the media talk about and, indeed, Milan hinted as this in his interview; "Sadly you expect the intense speculation from the press and there is nothing you can really do because even when you deny the rumours they continue".

We wait to see just how good these new guys are. In the meantime, it's all Greek to me. (I'm sorry, I just wanted to fit that in somewhere).