FA charge Lua

Last updated : 19 January 2005 By Keith Allman
It's already been confirmed earlier this week that, as expected, Lomana LuaLua would miss three games after being sent off for violent conduct against Blackburn, along with Amdy Faye missing this weekend's trip to Chelsea after picking up two yellows in the same game.

But now the FA have taken it one step further and charged LuaLua with improper conduct for apparently failing to leave the field immediately. As far as I'm concerned this seems like complete and utter crap - yes, he did deserve to be sent off for seemingly headbutting Andy Todd, but he'd received a smack round the head from the same player seconds earlier. It's hardly any surprise that emotions were running high and he was prepared to stay and argue his case, especially considering Todd didn't even get booked for his part in proceedings; as Joe Jordan said after the match, "Someone threw a punch and both acts were with intent, but Lua has to face the consequences."

This evening, Lomana has announced his intentions to fight the FA all the way. "I do not think I deserve a longer suspension", he said, adding, "I deserved to go but I wasn't going back on to the pitch to fight, I wanted to tell the referee I'd been punched. Being suspended for three games is bad enough but five is over the top."

And I agree. Funny how the FA always avoid the big issues of the game - racism, standing, even the continually building hostility between Wenger and Ferguson - and instead target players who dare to stand on the pitch for ten seconds.