Doom and gloom

Last updated : 22 January 2005 By Keith Allman
Let's just take stock.

- Can't score
- Not creating chances
- Failure to beat promoted teams and those around us
- Players rumoured to be leaving
- Injuries in the squad
- Falling away after an encouraging start
- Fans losing faith

What could I be talking about? Why, it's this time last season of course. Back then we were right in the relegation mix and worried about what league we could be in six months down the line. Like Harry said at the time, "We're not Real Madrid, and we're not going to win every week." And yet it only takes a blip after an otherwise good season - let's not forget we were talking about Europe at one point - and suddenly everyone turns on the squad and the management. Fans shouting abuse at Velimir and Jordan? People on The Quay calling for a new guy at the helm? What the HELL - where's the patience gone?

Alright, so we're not playing so well at the moment. I'm not trying to completely whitewash over the facts with blind faith, and we ARE struggling to score goals. But what annoys me is that the fans can change opinion so quickly; just over a month ago we were still unbeaten under Velimir, but now people are doubting his future. Yakubu has scored 11 goals, but some fans are calling him to go to Newcastle. Faye and Quashie were whipping boys of some fans, and now they're complaining that we're selling them. People used to have digs at Redknapp for being in the media too much, and now people are having digs at Velimir for not being in the media enough. Whatever happened to having faith in the club? In years gone by in sticky situations, what did the fans do - got behind the team, got an "us vs the world" mentality going and stuck together. And now what? Booing the team off at half time, like we have a god given right to be driving up in the league.

I'm as frustrated as anyone as our not creating chances and lack of goals, not to mention lack of points. But Zajec is still learning the ropes in a job he didn't want, and he's still fighting to get in his own players - Bulikin is rumoured to be signing on Monday, as well as Basinas and Babic. It's just a shame that fickle fans don't seem to want to give him a chance. A 3-0 defeat away to the Champions elect should not be a reason to slit wrists.