Done Deal?

Last updated : 11 January 2008 By Jim Bonner
Sky Sports are reporting that representatives of Portsmouth Football Club are in Newcastle to arrange a compensation package for when, in all likelihood, Harry Redknapp becomes the new Newcastle United manager.

A press conference scheduled for earlier today was cancelled when Peter Storrie and Harry Redknapp left the training ground, although Joe Jordan said it was because they were meeting a player.

However, Harry has said countless times that he has "nothing to do with signing players" when it comes to meeting them and I wouldn't be surprised if that statement was just a smokescreen.

So it looks like he's gone then...

Editor: Unfortunately I have to go to work now and won't be back until gone midnight. The guys on the messageboard will no doubt keep you readers bang up to date with everything that goes on in this saga though, so be sure to pay it regular visits throughout the night.

By the time I return I expect to be writing an article on Redknapp's final game in charge on Sunday...