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After weeks of specualtion and the lack of any Yoshi news - last week was the first time he has been sighted in Portsmouth for months. Milan Mandaric has made a statement on the official site, saying: "We believe that in all fairness to Yoshi that it would be in his interests to go back to Japan to play there and prepare for the forthcoming World Cup."

happy days
Unfortuantly it probably would be better for Yoshi to return to his native Japan if he is to feature in the highlight of any player's career - however months ago, Barry Davis was dreaming the dream by telling the assembled press at his press conference about how proud Pompey will be to see one of their players opening the World Cup - it all seems that that dream will turn into a nightmare for the majority of Pompey fans.

Yoshi came into the team when he clearly wasn't ready - whose fault this is is unimportant - what is important is the fact that Yoshi didn't do anywhere near as badly as he was made to feel and our 'saviour' Dave Beasant has fared no better between the sticks. Kawaguchi was made a scapegoat by fans who didn't give him a chance due to the fact he was Japanese and an easy target. It seems amazing to this site that the Fratton Park fans would rather see the 'chest beating, poor distribution' antics of Dave Beasant in goal over the world class talents of Kawaguchi. Beasant is of a bygone era, Yoshi is the future.

He was quite rightly removed from the team, his confidence shattered by fickle fans (the Anoraks call it 'Fratton Eye') and Yoshi has worked hard ever since in training. training with the youth team, biding his time, working like a true professional waiting for a chance that doesn't seem to be coming. In the meantime Beasant was shipping more than someone eating sushi on a dodgy stomach and publicy stating how bad Yoshi was on national TV: His comments about Kawaguchi being signed on a purely commercial level were an absolute disgrace to the club and despite Kawaguchi trying the stick up for Bez, it is clear that the 'veteran' is not helping Yoshi on behind the scenes, if anything he is hindering his progress. What Beasant hopes to achieve by this at 42 is anyones guess.

The fact that Yoshi hasn't played reserve team football is baffling to say the
surely he's not hoofing that ball?
least. Andy Petterson has been preffered to Pompey's £1.8million asset and Kawaguchi hasn't been given a chance to redeem himself. Is this Rix being stubborn? Most probably.

Two Japanese clubs are interested in the goalkeeper, one strongly believed to be Jubilo Iwata, but it is unclear whether the deal will be a loan move or an embarrassing exit for Pompey's most famous signing. The player needs a fair chance and has the ability to go all the way and it would be a tremendous loss for Pompey if someone of this calibre was allowed to leave. It's time for this club to move forward, not take steps backward. Vote on the main page, so that Fratton Faithful can get a clear indication of the fans' feelings and see where we go from there.