Davis: I Will Stay

Last updated : 15 March 2006 By Jim Bonner
Sean Davis has said today in an interview that he is commited to the club and vows to stay at Pompey even if we take the dreaded plunge into the fizzy pop league.

Now we've heard this before haven't we? Only Davis doesn't have a reputation for spouting tripe, constantly saying "for sure" and isn't known for his ability to over-dramatise everything he says. Obviously you'd be a fool if you were to think this statement would guarantee Davis' future at Pompey but I think that barring a major shakeup within the club next season he will be here. I think he's one of these players who will, in time endear himself to Pompey fans and the club. He shows it on the pitch now he's fully fit and my reckoning is that he's just as commited off it.

When he's an established member of the team, Davis will be an asset to the club although whether he should be played ahead of Hughes, O'Neil or Mendes is down to opinion among Pompey fans and it seems pretty split between the Fratton Faithful. However should we get relegated we could be without all three next season. So here's hoping Davis stays true to his word and that we won't have to prepare our vocal chords for another "Judas" chant.