Coach driver humble after near-miss

Last updated : 03 December 2003 By Alex Dale
As you must all be aware by now, a fourteen car pile-up on the M27 (W) delayed last night's match at St Marys. However, the Pompey coach was nearly in the thick of it! The fast-thinking driver, Mick Pullen, 59, swerved into the hard shoulder as a car span inbetween the coach and the police escort and sped past as the incident escalated. Harry Redknapp's account read: "We were bombing along and suddenly the cars in front of us all smashed into each other. We could all see it coming and it was very close. We have got a big coach and there was a little Renault in front of us. (talking of little Renault's, thanks to the fans, be they Southampton or Portsmouth, who keyed my (unmarked) car in the aftermath of the match - Alex) We were going to plough over the lot of the cars in front of us - there is no doubt about that".

Portsmouth fan Pullen would only comment "Iā€™m no hero ā€“ I was just doing my job".

And we should all be thankful that he's really rather good at it.