Chainrai Makes Pompey Bid

Portpin Ltd are looking to become the reluctant owners of Portsmouth Football Club for the third time after Balram Chainrai made a bid for the club today.

In a statement on the official site, Chainrai intends to propose a CVA to creditors within the next six weeks to exit administration and if it is accepted, the club could be bought by early July.

Chainrai has yet again come out with his rhetoric about how he has never wanted the club to die and how he wants to work with people to take Pompey back to its "rightful place" etc.

It's all a lie and if (or when) he takes over again the club will be run under a minimalist regime with no room for growth or development until it eventually dies anyway when Chainrai and co. realise that there is no way they'll get "their money" back.

The only way to stop Chainrai from taking over is if the Trust community buyout scheme really takes off but given how Trevor Birch has spoken about it ever since the idea was first formed, it sadly looks unlikely that it'll happen.

So, whilst some fans will be happy that Portsmouth Football Club will be kept on life support, others will be disappointed that the individuals who have been central in Pompey's demise will again rule over Fratton Park and continue to bleed our football club dry.

Wouldn't it be better to ask for a clean break and simply start again?