Cala Pulls Out Of Pompey Bid

Last updated : 20 January 2012 By Jim Bonner

Joseph Cala has officially withdrawn his offer for Portsmouth Football Club today after he supposedly couldn't agree terms with Portpin Ltd.

The Italian Al-Fahim wannabe has more likely pulled out after talks with the Football League were due to be held today, only to be postponed until Monday, which were then cancelled completely.

As a little research has shown, Cala clearly doesn't have the funds to take over at Pompey and the talks between himself and the Football League would have exposed him for the chancer he is.

Andrew Andronikou clearly isn't bothered as he told the local media:

"I am not concerned. We have got other people and we won't have to waste any more time with individuals that want to generate column inches."

This can only be good news for us Pompey fans who were greatly concerned about what this fool had planned for our football club. However, this does mean that the search for an owner continues and time is starting to run out.

If Brian Howe (ex-Bad Company frontman and Pompey fan) is serious about his bid to buy the club, we shall find out soon just how serious he is now that Cala is out of the picture.

And who else might be in the frame? Whoever it is seems to have grasped the concept of discretion, something Mr. Cala certainly didn't.

We can only hope whoever is successful in taking over the club has the funds and the heart to do so. It has become tiring re-iterating that point, so hopefully it'll all be over soon.