Bugger off Barry

Last updated : 14 January 2005 By Keith Allman
What's your favourite Barry Silkman story?

Could it be the time he claimed he was George Boateng's agent and turned up at Middlesbrough, only for the player in question to refuse to meet him as he'd never heard of him before? Or the time he was banned from Fratton Park for his continual claims to be Yakubu's agent, only to then run to The Mirror claiming he had been "intimidated" by the club? Or maybe the time when his mobile phone number was put on the internet and he was harrassed by angry calls after his continual touting of a player who he didn't even represent - once again, Yakubu.

As we no doubt all remember, throughout the summer Silkman was continually quoted in the press as saying our Nigerian hitman wanted a move, was set to join Middlesbrough, was in talks etc. This was of great confusion to all involved, especially given how it's widely known that Yak's agent is Pini Zahavi. The same has happened again during the current transfer window, with Silkman offering out his "expert advice" to any paper who will listen, and clearly, the club has decided enough is enough - and have complained to the FA Compliance Unit.

Yakubu himself said, "I am sick of keep seeing these rumours by a man who does not represent me. Pini is my agent and everything I do goes through him. Barry Silkman is not my representative and never has been so it is very unsettling to keep reading all this." His genuine agent, Zahavi, added, " I have never come across anything like this before but the player will go nowhere now, or in the future, unless it is done in the right and proper way through me with prior negotiations with his present employers who are Portsmouth Football Club."

So go on Barry. Do one.