Berko the bench warmer

Last updated : 10 December 2004 By Keith Allman
Personally, I've never really rated Eyal Berkovic. I can't help but question the financial sense of £25,000 a week of talent spending most of his time running up and down the South Stand touchline in his tracksuit whilst a game unfolds on the other side of the white line. On his day he's got the ability to change a game, but that doesn't seem to happen too much.

Still, he made me stuff those words back down my throat against West Brom, changing the game after coming on in the 80th minute - as we know, from being 2-1 down his two assists led us to a 3-2 win. But this is Eyal Berkovic, the sulky midfielder, and surely he can't be happy with pulling on the royal blue only ten times this season, and despite starting eight games, never completing ninety minutes?

Well apparently, he doesn't mind putting up with it. "I'm feeling good, but I played only 10 minutes against West Brom and everybody who knows me knows that I don't really like it. But in all the teams in the world and in the Premiership there are many players in every team, and bigger players than I am sit on the bench or are being replaced." Wise words indeed; if his cameo appearances continue in the same vain as last Saturday, then he may force me to re-evaluate my views of his talent.