Begovic Dispute Resolved

Portsmouth and Tottenham Hotspur have reached an agreement over the disputed £1 million payment for the transfer of Asmir Begovic, even though the Bosnian went to Stoke.

The long, drawn out saga was set to be resolved by a Premier League arbitration panel in two weeks but that will no longer be required now the two clubs have come to an agreement.

The dispute began when convicted fraudster Daniel Azougy allegedly brokered a deal that entitled Tottenham to £1 million should Begovic have chose to move elsewhere back in January 2010, which he did.

It was reported that the sum of money owed also had something to do with when Pompey signed Younes Kaboul from Spurs in 2008 and owed them money for that transfer in January of 2010, hence the extra payment.

Whatever happened, the new regime has put an end to what was another sorry saga in Pompey's recent history although details of the agreement are yet to be disclosed and almost certainly won't be, so we'll never know just how much money Spurs managed to wrangle out of our club.

Who knows? Now that the relationship with Tottenham has been repaired, maybe ol' Harry would like to help out his old club by lending us a player or two.

As for Pompey's owners, there are still many legacy issues to resolve but at least this shows that they are getting things done and with the announcement of the very reasonable half-season ticket prices, it seems to be another step in the right direction on Pompey's long road to recovery.