Beanies = happiness = love!

Last updated : 06 March 2002 By
Pompey's press conference was certainly a sight to behold - Fred Dineage, representatives from Ty, Milan Mandaric, Peter Storrie and Harry Redknapp all sitting on a desk surrounded by hundered of 'Beanie Babies' - it truly was a case of 'this could only happen at Pompey'

It will happen...
Now for whatever gags are rolled out (Heart on their chests etc) and whatever merchandise is produced (personally I can't wait for a Shaun Derry Beanie Baby) the fact is that Pompey have cemented a deal with a solid, successfu firm with strong links in the area. Milan Mandaric called it a 'partnership for the community' and although it will take some used to seeing John Westwood trundle around with a heart on his chest, this can only been seen as a possitive deal for the football club.

Mandaric was coy over the exact figure but it is over £1million for three years - a step up from the £250,000 received from Bishops Printers over two. Infact this deal is one of the biggest outside the Premiership and is a credit to Mandaric and everyone else who worked hard for the deal. The Ty heart logo will reside on the front of a blue, white and new gold third strip. Milan sees this deal as confirmation of his continued ambition for the club and it certainly seemed that way to the gathered media.

If Milan is to be successful he will need a strong Chief Executive and this is what he has finally got with Peter Storrie. Storrie combines business and football knowledge together and is also experienced in turning football clubs around - just look at West Ham. He is certainly looking forward to the challenge and will soon release a business plan to the fans. His appointment means that Mandaric will now resume his role as a 'chairman'.

As Fred Dineage said, it is rare at Pompey for press conferences just to be about good news - for once it was and let's hope it stays that way. Next season is looking better already.