Al-Fahim Takeover Takes Time

Last updated : 11 June 2009 By Jim Bonner
Reports today have suggested that Sulaiman Al-Fahim will not take over Pompey until July because the due diligence process is taking longer than expected.

There were also rumours that Al-Fahim would pull out altogether if he had to reveal the identity of his so-called "mystery" backers and/or because he is just doing this for publicity but they have been dismissed by a source close to the club.

There are some Pompey fans who are starting to worry that the deal won't happen and are getting impatient as the deal is yet to be completed.

I personally feel that there is nothing to worry about on the account of the deal being done. The good doctor has shown that he is a genuine man who Portsmouth have welcomed with open arms and his status as a UN Goodwill Ambassador should ensure that he has no problem passing the Premier League's "fit and proper person" test.

The only slight worry is that the more time this takes to go through, the more time our rivals have to poach any transfer targets we may have have been thinking about and it also gives the team less time to prepare as the season draws closer.

It's not a big concern, though. After all there is still plenty of time to buy players and most of the big money moves happen right at the end of the transfer window (even if Real Madrid are keen to break that trend).

I just hope Glen Johnson is patient and listens to what Al-Fahim has planned for the club before deciding on a move after last night's man-of-the-match performance against Andorra.

My advice to fellow Pompey fans who are sweating over the transfer deal is to sit tight and be patient. Pompey have a history of ballsing things up but Al-Fahim is genuine and his investment will begin to build Portsmouth into a great football club.