Al Fahim Visits Fratton Park

Last updated : 05 June 2009 By Jim Bonner
Sulaiman Al Fahim has paid a visit to his potential new home ground today as he was shown around Fratton Park and spoke to the media.

In his latest interview he told the press that he could not say anything about the deal as the process of due diligence isn't complete but he will announce his plans for the club when the takeover is finalised, which he expects to be before July.

Al Fahim also donned a Pompey cap as he took the time to talk to Pompey supporters and even had a kick about with a few students. He also managed to surprise Peter Storrie with his knowledge of Portsmouth and the squad.

From what I've seen and heard today from our prospective new owner I couldn't be much happier with him. I'm still a little wary that he may be a media hog but his apparent enthusiasm for the club and knowledge of the team is clear for all to see and most importantly he seems to have a good connection with the fans.

Now all that remains is for the due diligence to be finished and the quicker that is done the better because the longer it takes, the more transfer targets and possible managers we miss out on.

It would also assure some of our players who are thinking of leaving that we'll return to the success of the last couple of seasons rather than one just gone. Something I hope Glen Johnson will take into consideration before deciding whether to join one of the big clubs.